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I'm a junior designer. I design & build digital products to promote brands and services. I'm a running enthusiast and I enjoy simple things of life. Specialising in the design of websites and applications. I am currently working @IRIS_Interactive as a web designer/integrator. If you'd like to get in touch, send me an email or a tweet !


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I design & code

I am experienced with both technical and design functions. I design & build digital products from the idea to the release.

First I think about user experience and interactive concepts for web and mobile interfaces. Then I create clean UI and designs in photoshop or sketch. I also build prototypes using HTML5 and CSS3. I build websites using wordpress and js plugins to deliver the best experience of navigation.

By the way, I'm looking for a dribbble invite so if you like my stuff and think I could be a good player send me a tweet ^^

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Updated January, 2015.

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Health & sports

Health datas and activity trackers are huge trends this last months. So I'm working my way in those new domains. I started to use API and think about how to give meanningful input to people throught intuitive interfaces.

I'm using the jawbone API and a UP24 device to get my stats... pretty cool and powerful to get a lot of stats with a nice app. I'm staying up to date on the subject, it's growing...

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Nicolas solerieu

Jawbone UP24 - MotionX API

Last update April 6th 2015
Sleeping time 7h30
Active time 2h10
Average heartbeat 65 bpm
Calories input 2800 cal
Calories burned 1700 cal
Distance 5.3 km
Steps 6 593 steps
Weight 75 kg

Design vision

Visual design is not art,it’s a science. I’m a technician more than an artist. Design is about function, it’s a solution for a task. I also consider design as a vector for people to gather around an idea, a product.

Lastest updates

I started using sketch a few months ago. I'm now confortable with it. Honestly it rocks. And it change my complete workflow. My vision of the whole job is changing with it.

I'm building my own little creative platform mixing Medium post style and dribbble shots.

2015 is going to be an exciting year

I have been itching for an environment change for a few months; something that challenges and inspires a bit more than my current office gig. I will travel this year, try to meet new people. If you think you can help me in my quest, send me a mail.