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Currently based in San Francisco — working @Opendoor

UI Design Web Design Product Design Corporate large Sscale website design

Strongly focused on web trend and interactivity.

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I’m a multidisciplinary designer from France, doing top secret projects @NobodysPerfektMedia and crafting cool stuffs @Opendoor. All of my projects feature a unique individual style, original concepts and high quality.

Every night keep a close eye on design trends and new awesome plugins and techs. Always keen on new challenges, I really try my best to make things better and simpler. Last year I learned Craft CMS, this year I'm trying AngularJS. Web design is my first love but I also enjoy travelling and hiking.

I spent 3 years learning web technologies and design, got my Bachelor degree in Communication and Multimedia Design and started working independently. Now, I'm a freelance web designer since 2012 and a member of Opendoor Labs in San Francisco.

I create mockups for interfaces and websites, using good old photoshop and recently skecth. I'm used to work with strict guidelines and agency team or freelances. I build demos and UI kits for web and mobile projects coding html/css/js using javacript libraries(mostly jquery). I use wordpress for my web projects and sometimes I start form scratch. If you have big ideas, let's talk about it.

I design original and responsive concepts
I code meaningful and accessible code
I'm a nomad worker, I use an mid-2011 MacBook Pro 15"

I seek inspiration to build a refined web experience that will empower your brand and products.

I work with small cross-disciplinary teams, I believe things happen when people interact by talking about the stuff they do best. I really think that valuable new offerings spring from a deep understanding of emerging behaviors and new technologies. From the beginning, and through launch, I help and advise clients prepare their teams to succeed. That's why I talk so much and crave for a true communication with my clients.

— Currently available for freelancing.

By the way, I am looking for a new job opportunity. I have been itching for an environment change for a few months; something that challenges and inspires a bit more than my current office gig. If you can help me in my quest, feel free to get in touch.

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